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  • Seller Financing 101


    With the Denver market as good as it currently is, chances are slim that you'll encounter someone who wants to buy a property through seller financing. However, if your home is one of the few that hasn't seen the activity you hoped for, offering seller financing might be the way to go! It will attract buyers that aren't able to come up with a loan, and might give you the funds you need to make the move ...
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  • WELL Africa

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE.”

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    While guest-speaking at Brigham-Young University during a visit to Hawai’i with his family last year, Mike Bright (President/CEO of BRC) met a delightful young man from the Ivory Coast by the name of Sery Kone. Sery had quite the story to share!

    While earning his Bachelor’s Degree at BYU in Hawai’i, Sery began an organization called ...
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  • So, you've got a pet...

    Istock Allpets

    Many people enjoy sharing their lives and their homes with pets – of all kinds. Colorado is known for being an animal loving state! Let's face it - everyone’s dog has a dog in Colorado. If you are selling your home, there is a good chance that some potential buyers will also have pets, BUT, that doesn't mean you should not make an effort to minimize the impact your pets have on the appearance and ...
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  • BRC is looking for a Transaction Coordinator!

    Do you know someone who is detailed, self-motivated, great with people and would love a great job as our Transaction Coordinator?

    Send them our direction! Here are some details:


    Job Overview:

    A Transaction Coordinator for BRC will provide administrative support to the commercial and residential brokerage teams; works closely with individual brokers as their ...
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  • We're not "kitchen" around!

    Trendy Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Designs

    "I was in Ikea the other day and, no surprise, I struck up a conversation with the check-out guy. We talked about Ikea kitchens, the section I had gotten stuck in for what seemed like hours dreaming and planning. During our chat he mentioned that he had a new kitchen installed in a home he sold in 2013 and he DOUBLED his investment.

    Here are some of the details ...
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  • Never too old to buy!

    Bob Zinke Small

    Geologist Bob Zinke closed today on his acquisition of his new office condo at 1100 W Littleton Boulevard, Suite 440, Littleton, CO.

    85-year-old Zinke still enjoys his work and likes to have fun. He "donned" this cap so that women can still run their fingers through his hair.

    You are never too old to purchase commercial real estate, and have fun doing it! Carole Schumacher of BRC brokered the ...
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