New to Colorado? Welcome Home!

It's no secret that Colorado is THE place to be; as it often ranks among the nations top 10 for economic, population and industrial growth. If you're one of the newbies to the area, allow us to help you get acclimated to Mile High Living!

  1. NATIVE; you might have noticed the bumper stickers, license plates or t-shirts boasting this phrase...everywhere. Coloradan natives are proud they were here first- and they won't let you forget it.
  2. MILE HIGH; it's probably pretty obvious the city has a higher elevation, but don't forget just what that means. It'll take some time to get acclimated to the lower oxygen, so take it easy, drink lots of water and make sure to use your sunscreen! You'll burn easier here, especially since we average 300 days of sunshine per year.
  3. FAMILY FUN; if you're downtown, or around Denver - sure, Eliches (6 Flags to non-natives) is great! But if you're looking for something a little less crowded, there's always Lakeside Amusement Park just off I-70 in Lakewood. They've got rollercoasters, bumper cars, food and fun for less money and traffic.
  4. ALL THE ART; with a city so diverse, you need to check out the art that reflects and celebrates our cultural mixing bowl! Downtown Denver has theaters, museums, sculptures, and so much more. One cool spot is the Navajo Street Art District in Highland. It boasts SIX amazing art centers. Take a Friday evening to hop around them and then finish off at any of the amazing restaurants nearby.
  5. SPORTS; our teams are up and down, but we are loyal to the end. Don't be surprised if you hear people call it Mile High Stadium for the Broncos... no matter what it's actually named. We love our Broncos (football), Nuggets (basketball), Avalanche (hockey), Rockies (baseball), Rapids (soccer) and Mammoth (lacrosse). Not to mention all of our fantastic College sports too - Catch a game, they're all awesome!
  6. BREWERIES; this is the land of craft beers, local breweries and experimental food combinations. Don't try and visit them all at once! Even if you don't drink, the atmosphere and food are epic.

Are you a native and want to help out our newbies? Share your favorite things about living in the best State in the U.S.!

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