I have had the opportunity to work with Lise Leblanc 3 different times in the past 5 years…What else more can I wish from a great agent? She was on top of her game, always found the answers to my never-ending list of questions on both sides as a homeowner and a buyer. She's ethical and assertive in a gracious way, friendly and really has her clients interest at heart. She was proactive about the curve balls we've encountered in the process and solved every issue with diligence. She's knowledgeable and always helpful even to my acquaintances that had numerous questions about their real estate transactions at the time and they weren't able to find the right answers from the agents they were working with. I will always use Lise as my agent for my real estate needs no matter in what state my job will land me, I will use her as a referral and have her help me find the right agent for my individual needs at the time. Hope this review helps anyone that may be looking for a trustworthy and extremely professional real estate agent!
Best Regards,

M. Ngo,