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Published July 14, 2014 08:57

Carole Golf4x6

Friday was a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors, get a little golfing in, and help the community. Our very own Carole Schumacher did just that. She participated in the golf tournament at Fossil Trace in Golden. This tournament raises money for Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives run by Rev. Leon Kelly. Carole got women's closest to the pin and her team shot 12 under par to place 5th in the tournament. Congratulations Carole! For more information on this particular program, you can visit their website at :

We love participating in community events, even more when it goes to a good cause. Let us know of the great things you've done!

* Photo is of Ken Schumacher, Carole, Damien Payne (PGA longest drive world record holder), and Steve Foley (former Denver Broncos safety and cornerback).


Published May 14, 2014 15:46

Img 9988

We're excited to announce a great closing in our commercial division! On May 8th, "8201 Southpark Lane, LLC" purchased 8201 Southpark Lane in Littleton, Colorado for $2.5 million. This two-story (plus mezzanine) 22,521 rentable square foot office building was known as the Etkin Office Building and located in the Southpark Business Park just north of County Line Road and west of Broadway. The Seller was HR2 LLC, a partnership group that included an original partner when Etkin Johnson built the building in 1997.

The building is 86% leased with Modern Railway Systems being the anchor tenant and American Innovations occupying 7,258 square feet. One 3,141 square foot suite is vacant and available for lease. The building has been renamed “Modern Railway Systems Building.”

Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Buyer and Hank Brumley of Brumley Real Estate, Inc. represented the Seller. BRC Real Estate will be handling the leasing and property management of the building. Great job, Carole!

BRC's Firetruck Visitors!

Published May 01, 2014 11:03

We had about 15 pint-sized visitors today at BRC! Local preschoolers came to visit our firetruck and play for a little bit. Very fun! 

Img 9978

Seller Financing 101

Published April 11, 2014 15:04


With the Denver market as good as it currently is, chances are slim that you'll encounter someone who wants to buy a property through seller financing. However, if your home is one of the few that hasn't seen the activity you hoped for, offering seller financing might be the way to go! It will attract buyers that aren't able to come up with a loan, and might give you the funds you need to make the move you want.

Seller financing typically comes into play when a seller is having difficulty selling his/her home, a buyer doesn't have established credit, or a buyer isn't able get a loan from a bank just yet. It works well for a Seller in a buyer’s market, and it works well for the buyer in a seller’s market. It can be a win win if you’re willing to wait for a lump sum as a seller!

Here’s how it works…

With traditional third-party financing, a lending institution makes a loan to the buyer for the purchase price of a home (minus down payment) and takes a security interest on the same home. The security interest comes in the form of a mortgage or deed of trust, which allows the lender to foreclose on the home to recover its loan money in the event of a default. The buyer gives the seller the entire purchase price and the seller leaves the picture. The buyer then must make mortgage payments to the lender until the loan is paid off and the buyer owns the house free and clear.

Seller-financing works a bit differently. In this situation, the seller does not receive a lump sum of cash, and remains involved in a financial relationship with the buyer until the entire purchase price is paid. With seller financing, the seller agrees to transfer title to the house in exchange for a note and a security interest in the house. The note is paid off just like a mortgage, but it is paid to the seller instead of a bank. Also, just like with traditional financing, the seller’s security interest gives him the power to foreclose on the house in the event of default. Often, when a seller finances the purchase of a home, the loan note provides for a balloon payment to pay off the full balance of the loan after a period of a few years. A balloon payment is a lump sum payment of the amount still owed to the seller. When the balloon payment is due, the buyer usually pays it off or obtains financing with a traditional third party lender.

Purchasing a home under a lease-to-own contract is also a form of seller financing. Lease-to-own works just as it sounds; rather than buying the house right off the bat, the buyer rents the home for a period of time until they are able (or decide) to buy, or the seller decides to put the home on the market. At that point, the buyer has the option to purchase home. If she chooses to do so, then all the rent payments he or she has made count towards the purchase price of the house. If not, the buyer walks away from the house, just as if he/she were a renter. Typically, the buyer has first right of refusal in the event another person offers to purchase the house.

With seller financing, the seller has to wait a period of years to get the full purchase price of the house and bears the risk of default in the meanwhile. So, why would a seller be interested in a deal like this? The same reason a bank would be: interest. Charging interest allows the seller to eventually receive more than asking price. In a seller’s market, the seller gets to squeeze even more money out of the buyer. In a buyer’s market, the seller gets to sell his/her house and possibly get closer to asking price. The balloon payment typically is due after five to 10 years.

There you have it! Seller Financing 101. 

WELL Africa

Published April 01, 2014 09:17

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE.”

 Dsc0079 (1)

While guest-speaking at Brigham-Young University during a visit to Hawai’i with his family last year, Mike Bright (President/CEO of BRC) met a delightful young man from the Ivory Coast by the name of Sery Kone. Sery had quite the story to share!

While earning his Bachelor’s Degree at BYU in Hawai’i, Sery began an organization called “WELL Africa.” WELL Africa’s primary mission is to eliminate childhood labor, educate & empower the farmers of cacao fields on the Ivory Coast, and empower their communities through financial support, growth and education. These efforts are very near and dear to Sery’s heart, as he too had been a victim of childhood labor in the cacao fields at a very young age. While Sery is fortunate to have escaped the claws of childhood labor by the age of twelve, other children of the Ivory Coast and around the world still struggle with this hardship on a day to day basis.

In addition to his work with WELL Africa, Sery puts on a Christmas event for families, children and farmers on the Ivory Coast each year. This past Christmas, Mike and the BRC Real Estate team were given to opportunity to raise funds and contribute to this wonderful event. With BRC’s support and several other generous contributions, Sery was able to give two African communities a Christmas they won’t forget. Here’s what Sery had to say about the event:

“In the villages, the Christmas event was the biggest event the area had ever seen. Your contribution and contributions that we received from other people helped us provide Christmas to a total of 500 children in two villages, the one where the school is going to be built and the one next to it.”

Mike recently received an update in regard to the after-effects of this Christmas program, and we’re happy to say that Sery’s efforts have begun a ripple effect that will expand into the fields of Africa for years to come. BRC was so glad to be a part of this event and will continue to support WELL Africa.

“After the Christmas project, the community really got involved. I think they really understood that we care about them. Starting with the women, we complete a community garden that produced 12,000 lbs. of food over the last three months, enough to feed the village until the next harvesting period. This portion of the program has proven that enough food can be produced to meet the nutrition needs of the village and the children while in school. 58 women participated in the project, and it was a huge success. They have been empowered to start the second garden next May.

The second project that we did is the training manual that we created for the farmers. This manual will make them more productive and teach them basic cash flow management. We performed a needs analysis that gave us a better understanding between the use of child labor and the farmers' economic performance. 24 farmers were involved. We have seen a 30% increase in farmers’ production over the previous year. One of the farmers, Louis, is building his own house now. This is the direct impact of our basic cash flow management.

Construction started two months ago on the school. As I explained to you, we have engaged the village into a 50/50 partnership, in which they are required to provide labor and other available resources to reduce our cost by 50% (in addition to the land that they donated already). They responded very well to this call and are working hand in hand with the contractor and our team. The government formally gave us the accreditation and registered the school on the official list of schools that are scheduled to open this September. I am sure that we will meet deadline and have our first child laborers/students attending school next September.

In conclusion, I would also like to share that I bought 10 acres of land on which I started to grow our own cacao. We will start our first production in 18 months. I have learned a lot in this process, and would like to sincerely thank you for your support and help. As you can see, the Christmas Project went way beyond what we have imagined. Please express my personal gratitude to your family and your employees for what they have done.”

BRC is proud to be a part of such an outstanding and world-changing organization, and we wanted to share the great progress that has been taking place for WELL Africa! If you are interested in learning more about this program, or would like to donate for another WELL Africa project, please contact us. BRC would love to wrap our arms around this opportunity to give back!

So, you've got a pet...

Published February 21, 2014 11:28

Istock Allpets

Many people enjoy sharing their lives and their homes with pets – of all kinds. Colorado is known for being an animal loving state! Let's face it - everyone’s dog has a dog in Colorado. If you are selling your home, there is a good chance that some potential buyers will also have pets, BUT, that doesn't mean you should not make an effort to minimize the impact your pets have on the appearance and attractiveness of the home you are selling.

The evidence of pets living in a home can vary from a little to a lot… but let’s face it – non-pet owners usually aren’t fans when they can sense that a pet has been living in the home. Evidence of pets can include odors, stains, pet toys, litter boxes, chewed or scratched furniture, pet doors, water bowls and the pets themselves.

Here are some tips on how to “spiff up” your home so that pet lovers and non-pet lovers alike can appreciate the details of your home without distraction.

Odors and stains: These two items are the most significant issues to address. Even if your potential buyer owns a pet, they’re probably not going to be interested in inheriting the odors left behind by your dog, cat, rabbit or flying squirrel.

The American Humane Society suggests that you use a black light to find evidence of accidents on floors, walls, furniture and carpets. No matter how old, they will likely show up under the black light.

Once you find these accidents, you can use a wet vacuum (not steam) and standard carpet cleaners to try and remove the stains and their associated odors from carpets and fabrics. In some instances (cats, for example) you may need an enzyme-based product.

Carpet pads that have been stained with pet urine may need to be replaced (entirely or just in the stained sections) and stained paint or varnish will need to be removed and replaced. Sanding and resealing hardwood floors can both remove and conceal certain odors, and would improve the overall attractiveness of the home at the same time.

Take them for a walk! There is also a general expectation by real estate agents and buyers that pets should not be in a house (or yard) when the property is being shown. Some people are not comfortable around pets and some pets react strongly when strangers come into their spaces. We wouldn’t want this to hinder the sale!

Some experts advise that, if possible, pets should temporarily live elsewhere while you are trying to sell your house. That way, much of the visible evidence (toys, litter boxes, pet food) can be removed from the house. For many people this won’t be practical or acceptable, so making the extra effort to minimize the pet’s presence is the next best option.

Reptiles, snakes and spiders! Oh my! If your pets are part of either the insect or the reptile families, removing them from the home is pretty much mandatory. More than half of all Americans fear snakes and quite a few feel similarly about large spiders and tarantulas.

Don’t be hairy. When pets are part of the environment, cleaning also means vacuuming the carpets, floors and furniture regularly. People with allergies will often sense right away if there is pet hair in the home.

Keeping your home as clean as possible is important to attracting buyers. Anyone who has sold a home has probably had those moments of annoyance in picking up after their children, making the beds, wiping the counters and doing all the other things to make your home attractive – pretty much every day it is on the market.

As people tour your home, they will be visualizing themselves living there. Just as neutral paint colors, a nicely manicured lawn and good lighting makes for an inviting vision, so will the absence of pets and any evidence they have lived there help to seal the deal.

We're not "kitchen" around!

Published January 02, 2014 15:52

Trendy Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Designs

"I was in Ikea the other day and, no surprise, I struck up a conversation with the check-out guy. We talked about Ikea kitchens, the section I had gotten stuck in for what seemed like hours dreaming and planning. During our chat he mentioned that he had a new kitchen installed in a home he sold in 2013 and he DOUBLED his investment.

Here are some of the details he shared with me: His home was on the market for two weeks. He had been through about 40 showings with no offers. The feedback was mostly positive, but most of the buyers did not like the kitchen. With a need to sell his home, he pulled it off the market for a few weeks and spent a few grand on having a new Ikea kitchen installed. Once it was finished, he put the home back on the market with the price adjusted up by TWICE what he had spent. He had two offers within two days at full price, doubled his investment, and got his house SOLD!

This story is not meant to be an Ikea commercial, but a real life example of why and how you can invest in the right things (kitchens, kitchen, and kitchens) to sell your home faster for more money! People buy kitchens with houses around them. I have seen it more times than I can count. Trust me, as a Realtor I see lots of kitchens. I hear what my buyers say and I know what they’re looking for. If you plan on selling and your home is in need of some updating and upgrading, invest in your kitchen!"

Pie 6 Cropped

Article written by Pie Konchar, Vice President of BRC's Residential Division 

Never too old to buy!

Published December 20, 2013 15:08

Bob Zinke Small

Geologist Bob Zinke closed today on his acquisition of his new office condo at 1100 W Littleton Boulevard, Suite 440, Littleton, CO.

85-year-old Zinke still enjoys his work and likes to have fun. He "donned" this cap so that women can still run their fingers through his hair.

You are never too old to purchase commercial real estate, and have fun doing it! Carole Schumacher of BRC brokered the transaction. Bob is looking for someone to help him move from his current office on S. Prince St in Littleton of anyone is interested!

Raving reviews for Lise!

Published December 13, 2013 14:45

Reduced Lise

Lise LeBlanc, a BRC Residential Realtor®, has two very happy clients that wrote a raving review of her proficiency and dedication during their time working with her. Read below for details!

"We wanted to downsize, and before she even had a contract to sell our home, Lise LeBlanc graciously showed us just about every ranch floor plan available in Highlands Ranch! She was so patient and understanding. She really listened and developed a keen sense of what we wanted -- we found the perfect plan! Then the really hard work began -- preparing our large home (4500 sq. ft. with 6 bedrooms, 4 baths) for sale. Lise helped us every step of the way -- giving us great advice on what to replace and upgrade, what will bring value and what won’t, and how to stage our home so it would be attractive to the buying public. When the preparations were finished, Lise engaged a professional photographer to showcase our home through a video tour – it looked fabulous! She posted her “Coming Soon” and “Great Views” signs out front to create some excitement and prospective buyers began stopping by! We were thrilled when our house sold within 3 days after being listed! But Lise didn’t stop there – she promptly and efficiently handled issues that arose before the closings on the houses we were buying and selling. She was there at every inspection and meeting and her knowledge of the real estate market and the home building industry was very useful. We felt very comfortable with Lise and would give her our highest recommendation if you are looking to buy or sell a home. She is a true professional and gives 110%!"

A note from Pie!

Published December 09, 2013 08:58



A note from Pie on listing during the winter & Holiday season…

“Sellers are hibernating because they’re scared to come on the market before Spring, but they should adapt instead! We have just about 5,000 active listings in the Denver metro area including condos, townhomes and single family homes. Selling your home in the current market is like introducing a new car line in 1921 when there were only 4 car manufacturers in business.

I’ve got buyers lined up, waiting for what they’re looking for to come on the market, but because of hibernating sellers they have to just keep waiting.

How does a home owner adapt to the winter market instead of hibernate until Spring? By using what nature has given us. We have snow! Make a snowman in your front yard. Christmas is right around the corner! Decorate your home for Christmas with lights, tree, wreaths, etc. We have more darkness than we’d like! Take night pictures of your home glowing with light.

Make your home a warm, glowing beacon of coziness. With so little competition, you may be able to generate the kind of traffic you are hoping to see earlier than expected, and get your home SOLD before the rest of the herd.”

Pie 6 Cropped-Pie Konchar, Residential Division of BRC Real Estate

Real Estate Website Showdown!

Published November 01, 2013 11:52

Real Estate Website Showdown

Zillow vs. Trulia vs.

Which real estate website is the best to use for complete results of listings, accurate information and the least errors? BRC did some research and this is what we came up with. It seems that Zillow comes in the winner for the most errors, and is the most accurate. Check out the chart below.

Zillow Chart

You might ask, “Why is one website more accurate than the other? Aren’t they all based off of the same listings and information?” Our answer? No. We'll explain. has a partnership with the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), which gives them exclusive access to MLS listings nationwide. (Don’t know what the MLS is? Read about it here.) On the flipside, sites like Trulia and Zillow receive listings data user submissions in which agents, brokers, developers and home owner’s themselves are responsible for the accuracy and maintenance of listings posted on these sites. This method is prone to all types of inaccuracies from time lags to wrong listing information to human error and illegitimate postings used for the infamous “bait and switch” trick.

I’ll give a good example of why Zillow is extremely unreliable. Zillow has a function called “Zestimate.” If you’re in the real estate market, I’m sure you’ve heard the term. A Zestimate estimates the value of a property based on its surroundings, lot size, home features and comparable homes in the area. However, Zillow only takes into account the standard information that is available online. It doesn’t know the value of the area, the different “parts of town” that increase or decrease a home’s value, the condition of the home, etc.

So what happens when a bad Zestimate occurs? The REALTOR®’s value that they placed on the home when they do a market analysis is typically extremely different than the Zestimate, and sellers either get offended or believe their home is worth much more than what the REALTOR® has said. See the estimate below on a home we valued at $197,000, versus Zillow’s Zestimate, which comes in $100,000 more than BRC's market value which is based on our expert knowledge and facts about the area & home.


This creates problems on quite a few levels. First of all, it gives buyers an unrealistic opinion of value and think they’re getting a “steal” when they’re buying at market value, or that the seller is trying to rip them off. It also gives sellers the idea that their home is worth more or less than it really is worth, which creates big problems for banks and real estate agents trying to do their job.

Moral to the story? Over reliance on user-generated websites can be a mistake. Feel free to surf through them, and use what information you can to educate yourself on the real estate market. However, they are definitely not a replacement for the MLS or for your REALTOR®. Make sure you use them with careful discretion!

For more information on the market or for a market analysis on a property, call BRC! Our rela estate experts will take great care of you.

Why consider listing during the Holidays?

Published October 30, 2013 16:51

Christmas House

Many buyers are hesitant to list their home until after the Holidays have come and gone. However, there quite a few benefits to listing your home during this time!

 Here are a few tips from BRC on why you should consider listing your home during the Holidays:

• Many people take their home off of the market during the Holidays, which means that buyers have less inventory to view. Less inventory = more possible showings for your home!

• During the holidays, buyers have quite a bit of time off from their jobs and finally have time to house shop.

• Emotions are a big part of buying a home… especially during the Holidays! Take advantage of the warm and fuzzy feeling that the Holidays provide by decorating your home in a tasteful, inviting way.

• There are tax benefits to purchasing a home towards the end of the year, so many high end buyers are looking around this time.

For more tips on buying or selling your home, be sure to contact one our team members today!

Don't forget to RSVP!

Published October 21, 2013 16:30

Movie Night Invite

Remember to send in your RSVP's for BRC's Family Movie Night hosted by BRC Real Estate, Jason Reynolds and Pie Konchar. We're looking forward to a fun evening with all of the folks who made our success possible this year. A special thank you to our local sponsors as well!

Costa Vida Lone Tree, Dynamic Roofing and Construction, Zerorez of Denver, Redd Orthodontics, First American Title, and Duke Property Inspections.

BRC's got a "new guy" in the Residential Division!

Published October 18, 2013 14:50

New Guy

BRC is excited to announce that we've got a new residential agent here in the office!

Jon VanNoy is going to be a great addition to our residential team, as he has more than sixteen years of sales management, account management, sales, and customer service experience. His background is primarily in the sporting goods industry, as well as owning the Helaman Group, LLC, which is an independent sales representative agency representing major brands in the outdoor and golf industries.

Welcome to the team, Jon! We're glad to have you here!

Why buy a condo?

Published October 16, 2013 10:13

Condominium Interior Design Ideas

Many people have asked our residential agents about the pros and cons of buying a condo, and if it is a good option versus purchasing a single family home. Yes, condos can be trickier to obtain financing for due to higher loan stipulations, but condos offer a lot of great perks and amenities that single family homes do not. The type of home you decide on ultimately depends on what your goals are for home ownership.

So, what are the perks of owning a condo versus a single family home? It doesn’t matter if you’re 75 or 25 years old. Single or married. Condos (also called condominiums) are the perfect choice for those that are looking for an affordable yet comfortable type of housing on a smaller scale. Some don’t feel that buying a big house with constant upkeep is necessary. They could live comfortably in a condominium in which someone else will take care of the lawn, maintain the common areas, keep up the exterior and interior appearance of the facilities, etc.

Condos are the perfect middle-of-the-road form of housing. Many condominium communities today offer luxury units for affordable prices that attract residents of all ages and walks of life. Besides the convenient upkeep of condo ownership, locations are typically highly convenient since most condos are built closer to urban life and large working communities. Additionally, small spaces are more affordable to furnish with great design, and upgrades are more affordable.

If you’re looking for housing that fits your budget, condominiums may be the answer for you. They're a great option for the first time home buyer, new families, senior citizens thinking about downsizing and more. Be sure to check in to the history, find out what HOA dues cover, the reputation of the community and amenities.

At BRC Real Esate, we openly welcome you click here  to take a closer look at what we have to offer for condos on our website. Feel free to contact us with additional questions regarding your condominium purchase.

BRC Cycling Team- Back in action!

Published October 14, 2013 15:03

Brc Splash

BRC Real Estate is honored to once again sponsor the BRC Cycling Team. Our first team meeting was Wednesday, the 9th of October and we see a lot of potential again this year with all 33+/- members of the team! Stay tuned for more information on events and races that we will be involved in.

Fall & Winter Energy Saving Tips from BRC

Published September 30, 2013 10:40

Brc Fall

Fall and Winter are upon us!

Yes, it may be 80 degrees outside today, but there's a chill in the air in the evenings and snow will be falling soon!

BRC has put together a list for you on how to lower the cost of utilities and save energy during the cold weather.

Take Advantage of Heat from the Sun

  • Open curtains on your south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home, and close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.

Cover Drafty Windows

  • Use a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet on a frame or tape clear plastic film to the inside of your window frames during the cold winter months.
  • Make sure the plastic is sealed tightly to the frame to help reduce infiltration.
  • Install tight-fitting, insulating drapes or shades on windows that feel drafty after weatherizing.

Adjust the Temperature

  • When you are home and awake, set your thermostat as low as is comfortable.
  • When you are asleep or out of the house, turn your thermostat back 10° to 15° for eight hours and save around 10% a year on your heating and cooling bills. A programmable thermostat can make it easy to set back your temperature.

Find and Seal Leaks

  • Seal the air leaks around utility cut-throughs for pipes ("plumbing penetrations"), gaps around chimneys and recessed lights in insulated ceilings, and unfinished spaces behind cupboards and closets.
  • Learn more about air sealing new and existing homes.
  • Add caulk or weatherstripping to seal air leaks around leaky doors and windows

Maintain Your Heating Systems

  • Schedule service for your heating system.
  • Furnaces: Replace your furnace filter once a month or as needed.
  • Wood- and Pellet-Burning Heaters: Clean the flue vent regularly and clean the inside of the appliance with a wire brush periodically to ensure that your home is heated efficiently.

Reduce Heat Loss from the Fireplace

  • Keep your fireplace damper closed unless a fire is burning. Keeping the damper open is like keeping a window wide open during the winter; it allows warm air to go right up the chimney.
  • When you use the fireplace, reduce heat loss by opening dampers in the bottom of the firebox (if provided) or open the nearest window slightly -- approximately 1 inch -- and close doors leading into the room. Lower the thermostat setting to between 50° and 55°F.
  • If you never use your fireplace, plug and seal the chimney flue.
  • If you do use the fireplace, install tempered glass doors and a heat-air exchange system that blows warmed air back into the room.
  • Check the seal on the fireplace flue damper and make it as snug as possible.
  • Purchase grates made of C-shaped metal tubes to draw cool room air into the fireplace and circulate warm air back into the room.
  • Add caulking around the fireplace hearth.

Lower Your Water Heating Costs

  • Water heating can account for 14% to 25% of the energy consumed in your home.
  • Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F). You'll not only save energy, you'll avoid scalding your hands.
    Find other strategies for energy-efficient water heating.

Lower Your Holiday Lighting Costs

  • Use light-emitting diode -- or "LED" -- holiday light strings to reduce the cost of decorating your home for the winter holidays.

Carole got her hard hat on for CREW Denver!

Published August 20, 2013 11:00

Crew 2013 002

Carole Schumacher, one of our BRC commercial agents, served with a team of 10 other women from CREW Denver at a Habitat for Humanity build on Saturday, August 17. Good work, Carole! We're proud to have you as a member of our team. Would you like to get involved in Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver? Check it out here!<>

Avout Racing Conquers Indian Creek

Published May 24, 2013 15:40

474387 391220554324520 1163406067 O

Last weekend Avout Racing powered by BRC had another impressive at Rocky Mountain Endurance's Indian Creek with two first place finishes by Michelle Slingsby and Eric Truman. A big round of applause to the three people on the podium: Michelle, Eric and Dave Slingsby!


Dave Slingsby; 3rd; Half Marathon Pro Men: 3:18:13

Eric Truman; 1st; Half Marathon Men 30-39 3:24:29
Jason Reynolds; 6th; Half Marathon Men 30-39 3:47:24

Ed Tokarski; 4th; Half Marathon Men 40-49 3:49:30
Brandon Hodges; 8th; Half Marathon Men 40-49 4:01:43
Barry Wiebe; 12th; Half Marathon Men 40-49 4:07:14

Michelle Slingsby; 1st; Half Marathon Women 40-49 4:19:45

Dave Wright; 4th; XC Men 40-49 2:09:44
Pie Konchar; 14th; XC Men 40-49 2:34:31

Way to go BRC's own Jason Reynolds and Pie Konchar! Congratulations to all the Avout racers! Next up: Peace Valley Scout Ranch on Sat., June 1!

64632 314785098634733 668267625 N

BRC is proud to sponsor Avout Racing, which is becoming the dominate mountain bike race team in Colorado. Avout Racing supports human powered racing through team and individual sponsorships. In the future, Avout Racing will also support motor powered racing. Avout Racing won the overall team series at Winter Park’s Epic Singletrack Series for two of the last three years.

Help Pie's Mission for Disaster Relief in Oklahoma!

Published May 22, 2013 11:36

Pie 6 Cropped

Pie Konchar is personally delivering supplies to victims of the devastating Oklahoma tornado. Please help him out by donating canned goods, individually wrapped snacks, water bottles, etc. You can bring them to the BRC office (9331 Commerce Center St., #A1, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129) today because Pie is leaving tonight at 9 pm.

Congratulations to Avout Racing powered by BRC Real Estate!

Published May 08, 2013 13:36

64632 314785098634733 668267625 N

Congratulations to the Avout Racing team at the Battle the Bear this past weekend! The team landed three 1st places, nine podiums and a sweep of one podium. All in all, Avout Racing secured four of the top 10 fastest riders! Below is the breakdown:

Half Marathon Pro Men

Dave Slingsby; 4th; 1:49:59

Half Marathon Men 30-39

Jason Giles; 1st; 1:49:31
Nate Deibler; 2nd; 1:49:32
Eric Truman; 3rd; 1:52:03
Bill DiMaio; 5th; 1:52:51
Shawn Evinrude; 9th; 1:58:17
Chris Knight; 26th; 2:12:36

Half Marathon Men 40-49

Kevin Langan; 3rd; 1:53:51
Ed Tokarski; 6th 1:56:29
Barry Wiebe; 7th; 1:57:42
Kevin Simonton; 10th; 2:01:08
Doug Stickler; 14th; 2:03:47

Half Marathon Women 40-49

Michelle Slingsby; 2nd; 2:10:24
Coreen Wright; 3rd; 2:10:59

XC Men 30-39

Erik Bedell; 1st; 1:17:52

XC Women 30-39

April Paige; 3rd; 1:34:45

Half XC Men 40-49

Dave Wright; 1st; 45:48

We can't wait to see what happens at Indian Creek on May 18!

BRC Real Estate is proud to sponsor Avout Racing, which is becoming the dominate mountain bike race team in Colorado. Avout Racing supports human powered racing through team and individual sponsorships. In the future, Avout Racing will also support motor powered racing. Avout Racing won the overall team series at Winter Park’s Epic Singletrack Series for two of the last three years.

Five Cool Tech Ideas for Your Home

Published April 10, 2013 16:22

Jason 1 Resized

In 2013, why not enhance your home with the latest in technology? Jason Reynolds, Executive Vice President of the Residential Division, reveals how you can enhance your home and make your life easier. You will be the envy of the neighborhood!

1. Laser Robot Vacuum

This awesome little robot by Neato Robotics does the dirty work for you. Not only will it clean the house after you go to sleep, but it has a special laser that maps the home. This little guy knows where it's been and where it hasn't, and when it's done it drives itself back in the closet!

2. Heated Driveway

If you live in a cold weather state, shoveling snow is a dreaded fact of life. What if you could throw the shovel away? Heated driveway technology, utilizing mats and cables within the driveway, can eliminate strenuous snow removal from your life.

3. Thermal Imaging Gun

High energy bills taking their toll? Try the Black and Decker thermal leak detector. With this little guy you can check your home for energy leaks. The infrared thermometer will detect leaks and let you know where the hot and cold spots are.

4. Sun Tunnel

Looking to add natural light but a sky light may not be viable? Try the Velux Sun Tunnel. This cool flexible tube can find its way around obstructions and deliver a perfect amount of light into your room.

5. Wireless Can Light Speaker

The Klipsch LightSpeaker system gives you the best of both worlds. This wireless speaker screws right into your can lighting. It even comes with an efficient LED light.

Say “Goodbye” to Frederick Ross and “Hello” to the 21st Century of Commercial Real Estate

Published February 14, 2013 14:53

Sebastian 3 Resized

Growing up here in Denver, if you know anything about the commercial real estate industry, you know the name Frederick Ross. I sure did, because my father has worked for them for the last three decades. Frederick Ross Company is the oldest full-service commercial real estate firm in Denver, Colorado and a partner of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF) since 2010. The company has gone through a lot of changes, but none bigger than the one that was finalized at the end of 2012: the acquisition of the Frederick Ross Company by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank. NGKF is a part of BGC Partners, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGCP), a leading global brokerage company primarily servicing the wholesale financial and real estate markets. Together with its affiliates and London-based partner Knight Frank, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank employs more than 11,000 professionals, operating from more than 300 offices in established and emerging property markets on five continents according to

But what does this acquisition mean for the Denver Commercial Real Estate Market? There is no short and easy answer here, but let us take a very brief look.

I like to call them the big six: CBRE, Colliers International, Cushman & Wakefield, Cassidy Turley, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Newmark Knight Frank Frederick Ross (Grubb & Ellis, another story in and of itself, is now park of #6). Of course there are other big players in the Denver market: Legend, Transwestern, Unique, Pinnacle, CRESA, and Studley just to name a few. But these “big six” brokered over 51 million square feet in 2011 (office, industrial, and retail) in the Denver area according to the Denver Business Journal’s Book of Lists and most likely even more in 2012 as the market continues to show signs of recovery.

Frederick Ross has a rich and storied history. Founded in 1888 by Frederick Ross, the company has grown and prospered with the city during the 20th century. Jack Box, one of the region's most respected leaders and visionaries in commercial real estate, has served as president and chief executive officer of Frederick Ross Company for 24 years and will assume the title of chairman for this NGKF region.

The size and scope of these “big six” allow them to do what the smaller firms can’t: provide international service capabilities, unique access to capital market resources, and global reach. But with size also comes some disadvantages. Hence, Newmark’s acquisition to tap into the local expertise of Frederick Ross and the trusting relationships that have been created by people such as Jack Box and my father.

From personal experience and a perspective from afar, I have seen how the Denver Commercial Real Estate market has changed. And as a new entrant into the Denver commercial brokerage work force, I can see only positive signs for the growth of Denver and the health of the commercial real estate market in my lifetime. It is exciting to see these “big six” firms taking notice of our “small” market and the positive signs of growth.

As a new chapter begins in the long history of the Frederick Ross Company, I contemplate where the “big six” are going. Will we see only the “big two” in my lifetime? Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Jones Lang La Salle (NGKFJLL) and CBRE Cassidy Turley (CBRECT)? What does this mean for the small and mid-size firms like my own? Where do we fit in this new competitive landscape? I see our company and our leaders as a modern-day Frederick Ross, understanding the importance of community involvement, quality customer experience, and responsible professionalism in developing and serving the community in which we are a part.

On a personal note, I am sad to see the Frederick Ross name go. I remember going into the office with my father in the 1990s when Ross was in the Equitable Building. I remember my internships at Ross and Westfield Development as a college student when they were in the Johns Mansville Building. And I also remember the transition to the new, beautiful 1800 Larimer building in which they now occupy. This building evolution is in a way symbolic of the company’s growth and success. But I will always treasure my Ross coffee mug that my father received from Ross for his continued support, service, and professionalism.

Sebastian Roesinger

BRC Real Estate

BRC Real Estate

Watch Pie "As Seen on TV" Konchar's YouTube Channel

Published January 29, 2013 11:22

Pie 6 Cropped

Tune in to Pie "As Seen on TV" Konchar's YouTube channel to follow what he is up to and tour beautiful homes in the Denver Metro Area from your seat! Did you know that he was on an episode of House Hunters?

Pie has 11 years of experience in real estate serving the Highlands Ranch community with honesty, integrity and high-end customer service. He has a unique background that is nicely suited to make him a well-rounded, hardworking and resourceful real estate agent. Pie’s character and work ethic make him well respected by clients and peers and are important assets that enable BRC to be the best real estate firm in south Denver.

2012 Year-end Commercial Transactions

Published January 22, 2013 14:30

Our commercial division sealed 2012 with several noteworthy transactions throughout Metro Denver. Be on the lookout for where we venture to next.

Batten & Shaw, Inc. leased 2,161 square feet at 14 Inverness Drive East, Suite F124 in Englewood, Colorado. Michael Bright of BRC Real Estate represented the Tenant, and Keith Bell of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank represented the Landlord, 14 Inverness Properties, LLC c/o Global Properties, Inc.

CZP Warehouse Den One, LLC purchased 1,216 square feet at Premises Personal Warehouses, located at 9345 Commerce Center Street, Unit E7 in Highlands Ranch, Colo. for $82,500. Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Matthew Morrow.

K & S Insurance leased 1,030 square feet at Villager Square, located at 9032 W. Ken Caryl Ave., Suite A7-B in Littleton, Colo. Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Tenant, and Blake Kahlich of Prime Management, LLC represented the Landlord, Village Square Center, LLC.

Lumiere Industries leased the former Peak KIA 20,600 sq. ft facility at 5057 S. Wadsworth Way in Lakewood, Colorado for a 5 year lease. Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Tenant, and the Landlord is SLT Properties No. 6, LLC.

My Body Renewed leased 1,310 square feet at Office Court on Inverness, located at 88 Inverness Circle East, Suite A105 in Englewood, Colorado. Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord, Creekside Two on Inverness, LLC.

Nationwide Direct Mortgage leased 3,734 square feet at Office Court on Inverness, located at 88 Inverness Circle East, Building M in Englewood, Colorado for three years. Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord, Cordovano & Honeck Building Fund, LLC, and Brian Wingate of Unique Properties represented the Tenant.

688 Bryant, LLC purchased 9,153 square feet at 688 N. Bryant Street in Denver for $525,000. Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Platte River Holding Company, Inc.

Laszlo Enterprises, LLC purchased 1,737 square feet at 11184 N. Huron Street, Unit 10 in Northglenn, Colo. for $105,000. Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Buyer and Jeff O’Grady of Domaine Real Estate represented the Seller, Pueblo Bank & Trust Company.

Rocky Mountain Real Estate, LLC purchased 2,185 square feet at Powerhouse Plaza, located at 495 Uinta Way, Suite 140 in Denver for $238,500. Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, FirstBank, and Greg Bante of Jones Lang LaSalle represented the Buyer.

Joseph Niebur purchased 3,101 square feet at Meadows Professional Plaza, located at 3740 Dacoro Lane, Suite 200 in Castle Rock, Colo. for $170,000. Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Catlin Meadows I, LLC, and Matt Call of NavPoint Real Estate Group represented the Buyer.

Anthem Memory Care leased 1,855 square feet at South Broadway Medical Center, located at 7261 S. Broadway, Suite 102 in Littleton, Colorado to be used for a short term office while their facility is being constructed immediately to the north of the building. Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord, Poturalski Investment, LLC.

Introducing Brenda Potthoff & Russell Haigh

Published January 22, 2013 11:25

BRC welcomes Brenda Potthoff and Russell Haigh to our team as the new Accounting Assistant and Community Manager, respectively. We are excited to have both of you on board.

Brenda was born and raised in Iowa. After receiving her associate degree in accounting she moved to Colorado. She has worked in the accounting field for more than 26 years. In 1993 she earned her Colorado Real Estate License. Brenda sold real estate with her parents from 1993 to 1999. Brenda worked for for Metic Properties and was the broker for two properties in the Denver area. In the past five years she has gone back to the accounting field. Brenda and her husband Brett have three beautiful girls.

Russell comes to us with 15 years experience in managing community associations. He has managed associations in the Phoenix, Ariz. area and the last five years he has managed communities along the Front Range. He has a Masters Degree in Secondary School Administration and is working to complete his AMS certification in community management. He has managed all different types of communities from large scale single family associations to small condominium associations. He believes that all owners and residents share a value in their community and are the most important factor in making a community the best it can be. He loves all types of sports, baseball being at the top of the list. He is a family man with a wife and three boys.

'Twas the Day After 5K Race Postponed

Published December 24, 2012 10:37

Our 'Twas the Day After 5K Family Run has been postponed due to potential inclement weather. Stay tuned for when a future date has been decided. Thank all of you for your interest! Happy Holidays! 

BRC Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!

Published December 21, 2012 09:19

Brc Holiday Greeting 2012  Web

Happy Holidays to all!

Our office will be closed Dec. 24-26 and Dec. 31-Jan. 1.

Don't forget to sign up for our 'Twas the Day After 5K Family Run!

Join BRC at Our 2nd Annual 'Twas the Day After 5K Family Run

Published December 10, 2012 16:26

Postcard  Caitlin

Running Santa

WHO: All ages! Santa is also welcome to start his post-Christmas slim-down.

WHAT: 5K Race

WHEN: Wednesday, December 26th at 9 am

WHERE: BRC Real Estate office (9331 Commerce Center St., #A1, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129)

Race is FREE, but please bring one canned food item per participant for Food Bank of the Rockies. Refreshments and giveaways provided!

See a map of the course below:

Contact with your race category to sign up!

Brc5 K Course

2013 Avout/BRC Clothing Kits Released

Published December 08, 2012 09:53


Order your own kit at by December 17th.  Payment will be arranged once your order is submitted.  Pricing is as follows:

Bibs: $80.00
Jersey: $60.00
Wind Vest: $65.00
Arm Warmers: $35.00

The manufacturer is Primal. For sizing, please go to their website at:

BRC in Top Ten Denver Business Journal's 2012 Best Places to Work

Published November 28, 2012 11:22

Brc Best Places To Work  Website

BRC Real Estate is ranked eighth in the Denver Business Journal's "2012 Best Places to Work" Flight III category (21-49 employees).

Michael Bright, CEO and President of BRC Real Estate, states, "A company is only as good as its people and I am grateful to work with amazing professionals whose hard work have brought us to this point and will propel us to great heights in the future. I sincerely appreciate each team members efforts to create an enjoyable and supportive workplace at BRC. I can honestly state that those who work at BRC exemplify our core values of integrity, professionalism and courtesy. I look forward to growing with our team in 2013.”

The standings factored in team effectiveness, retention risk, alignment with goals, trust with co-workers, individual contribution, manager effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, work engagement and people practices.

Click here to view the ranking. For more information, visit the Denver Business Journal .

Carole Schumacher Named CREW Denver’s 2012 Women of Influence

Published November 01, 2012 08:56

Carole 5 Resized

Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate was named the 2012 Women of Influence at CREW (Colorado Real Estate Women) Denver’s 13th Annual Awards luncheon at the Ritz Carlton in Denver on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

“This event provides an opportunity to showcase the innovation, performance, and achievements of those who bring an energy to our business that not only creates the tangible results, but also motivates, leads and mentors,” said CREW Denver President Sara Croot of BBVA Compass Bank.

Carole was nominated by CREW Denver due to her meeting the following criteria:
• leads the commercial real estate industry through high performance and demonstrated success;
• excels in her area of specialization within the industry and strives to advance and innovate her line of work; and
• seeks to pave the way for other women in commercial real estate and bring more diversity to the industry.
Thirteen individual nominees represented a range of careers in the industry including brokerage, law, accounting, finance, economic development, construction and architecture.

As Executive Vice President, Carole oversees BRC’s Commercial Division and serves as the team leader in the marketing, sales and leasing of commercial office, medical office and other specialty commercial real estate throughout the Denver metro area. A licensed real estate broker for more than 20 years, Carole ensures that each transaction is navigated flawlessly from start to finish. The nicknames “Deal Junkie” and “Condo Queen” underscore her fondness for each stage of the deal and forte for negotiating a lease or solving challenging commercial condominium deals, respectively.

Founded in 1984, the national CREW organization aims to increase the power of women in commercial real estate and provide members opportunities and resources for success. CREW now supports more than 8,000 members across the United States and Canada, with 200 in CREW Denver. CREW Denver’s Mission is to champion the advancement and success of women in the commercial real estate industry locally and nationally through Leadership, Professional Relationships, Education and Excellence. For more information on CREW Denver, visit

Carole’s past accolades include the Heavy Hitter Award in the Small Office category from the Denver Metropolitan Commercial Association of Realtors for several years, a CoStar Power Broker Award for top sales firm (2007) and Denver Business Journal Top 25 Real Estate Brokerage firm (2007). Carole continues active involvement in Leadership Douglas County, Douglas County Board of Adjustment, Highlands Ranch Community Association Development Review Committee, CREW Denver, Douglas County Dames, BNI Lone Tree Connections, and the Denver Metropolitan Association of Realtors.

BRC Presents Family Movie Night: Wreck-It Ralph

Published October 15, 2012 10:25

Brc's Family Movie Night   Wreck It Ralph Web

BRC invites you to our annual Family Movie Night showing Disney's Wreck-It Ralph Friday, Nov. 2 at 7 pm at AMC 24 Highlands Ranch.

This Disney animated movie is rated PG. Visit the official website or IMBD for more information. 

Tickets are only $4!

Contact or 303.541.1588 to reserve your tickets today! Seats will sell out quickly!

Congratulations to Shauna Pierson!

Published October 02, 2012 08:34

Congratulations to Shauna Pierson on achieving her CMCA® designation!

The Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) is a national certification program designed exclusively for managers of homeowner and condominium associations and cooperatives. The CMCA recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to manage community associations.

For more information, visit

Premises Personal Warehouse Sale in Highlands Ranch

Published September 19, 2012 10:46

William and Nancy Miller purchased 2,500 square feet at the Premises Personal Warehouses located at 9345 S Commerce Center St., #E3 and E10.

Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate acted as a Transaction broker for the Seller (Matt Morrow) and Buyers, in the above-referenced transaction. Premises Warehouses in Highlands Ranch offer flex - warehouse space starting as small as 1,080 square feet up to 3,000 square feet to lease or purchase with rental rates starting at $10.00 per square foot and sales pricing starting at $85.00 per square foot.
BRC Real Estate is a privately owned full-service real estate firm specializing in commercial sales and leasing, residential sales, and property management.

Carole Schumacher Represents Sellers in a 1.82 Acre Land Transaction

Published July 23, 2012 10:27

Gary Rohr of Rohr Holdings, LLLP purchased a 1.82 acre site located at the Northeast corner of County Line Road and Southpark Circle in Littleton, CO on July 20. The transaction closed for $285,000. The Sellers, Stanisz Hilltop L2, LLC and Fair Hilltop L2, LLC, were represented by Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate.

BRC Commercial Broker Represents US Mineral Resources in Lease Transaction

Published May 14, 2012 15:56

US Mineral Resources leased 4,489 square feet in the Greenwood Centre building located at 5460 S. Quebec Street, Suite 200, Greenwood Village, CO.  The Tenant was represented by Steve Garrison with BRC Real Estate and the Landlord, Marathon Real Estate Ventures II, LLC, was represented by Don Werner with Metrex Property Group, Inc.  

Premises Personal Warehouses - Parker Sold

Published May 10, 2012 11:59

Steve Garrison with BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, P2 Land Holding Co., LLC, in a $83,200.00 sale transaction for a 1,040 square foot flex warehouse located at 18596 Longs Way #B5, Parker, CO 80134.

Another lease executed at Office Court on Inverness

Published May 08, 2012 09:41

Creekside Two on Inverness, LLC, the Landlord of Office Court on Inverness, was represented by Carole Schumacher & Steve Garrison with BRC Real Estate in a 4,194 sf lease transaction at Office Court on Inverness located at 88 Inverness Circle, East, Suites A105 & A106, Englewood, CO. The tenant, Design Fabricators, LLC, was represented by Rick Robinson with Space Commercial Real Estate.

BRC represents Seller in another Central Park Professional Condominiums sale

Published May 04, 2012 08:52

BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, GRE Holdings, LLC, in the sale of a 2,158 sf medical office suite in the Central Park Professional Condominiums located at 2373 Central Park Boulevard, Denver, CO. The Buyer, 2373, LLC (d/b/a Insight Primary Care), was represented by John Gustafson of Newmark Knight Frank Frederick Ross. The transaction closed on May 4, 2012 for $226,590.00. Financing was offered by Wells Fargo Bank, NA.

Three office condo suites purchased at Office Court on Inverness

Published April 30, 2012 11:13

Tim Soule with RSTS, LLC purchased three office suites totaling 3,097 square feet at the Office Court on Inverness located at 88 Inverness Circle East, Englewood, CO.  The transaction closed April 30, 2012.  Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison with BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Creekside Two on Inverness, LLC. Thomas Tacker of Tacker & Company represented the Buyer.

Central Park Professional Condominiums welcomes Med-Fit

Published April 27, 2012 13:02

Med-Fit, PLLC purchased a 2,144 sq ft office condominium at 2373 Central Park Boulevard located in the Central Park Professional Condominiums in Stapleton. Angela Tran of Med-Fit, PLLC was represented by Damon Knop of Dinstinctive Properties and the Seller, SFGVI Properties, LLC was represented by Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate.

Carole Schumacher represents tenants in a 3,430 square foot lease transaction

Published April 01, 2012 12:07

House Painting of Colorado and Floor Coverings International executed a lease at Centennial Commerce Center. Carole Schumacher with BRC Real Estate represented the tenants in this 3,430 sf lease transaction.  The Landlord, TREC Centennial, LLC was represented by Cody Sheesley and TJ Smith with Colliers International. 

BRC Real Estate represents Buyer in Office Condo Purchase in Lone Tree

Published March 15, 2012 15:02

Howard Moskowitz of OAS, LLC purchased a 2,276 square foot office condominium located at 9896 Rosemont Avenue, Suites 203 and 204, Lone Tree, CO. Howard Moskowitz of OAS, LLC, was represented by Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate Corp. and the Seller, CIT Small Business Lending Corporation, was represented by Greg Kelly with Re/Max Professionals.

Central Park Professional Condominiums welcomes ArtHouse Design

Published February 17, 2012 12:22

The Evan Clare Company, d/b/a ArtHouse Design purchased a 2,158 sq ft office condominium at 2373 Central Park Blvd. located in the Central Park Professional Condominiums in Stapleton.  ArtHouse Design was represented by Carol High of Carol High Commercial Real Estate, Inc. and the Seller, GRE Holdings, LLC was represented by Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate. 

Lease executed at Office Court on Inverness

Published February 14, 2012 09:59

BRC Real Estate's commercial brokers, Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison, represented the Landlord, Creekside Two on Inverness, LLC, on a 750 square foot, five year lease transaction at 88 Inverness Circle East, Suite A-203. The Tenant, The Law Office of Edmond "Buddy" Noel, was represented by Bliss Kelley of Keller Williams Real Estate, LLC/The Nesbitt Group.  

BRC Real Estate represents Seller in Condo Warehouse Sale

Published February 09, 2012 16:04

9331 Commerce Center Street, Unit A3, Highlands Ranch, CO, a 1,950 sq ft warehouse condominium was SOLD on February 9, 2012. Steve Garrison and Michael Bright of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Campisi Real Estate Holdings, LLC. The Buyer, Mike Epstein Hitting, Inc., was represented by Cody Sheesley of Colliers International.

Tenant at Meadows Professional Plaza Purchases Expansion Space

Published January 12, 2012 16:39

J. Cade Christensen of Intermountain Properties, LLC purchased 950 square feet of expansion space in the Meadows Professional Plaza at 3740 Dacoro Lane, Suite 110, Castle Rock, Colorado. The Meadows Professional Plaza is a 30,000 square foot office project in the Meadows area of Castle Rock. Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller, Catlin Meadows I, LLC, in this transaction.

Lease executed at Office Court on Inverness

Published January 12, 2012 11:27

David Larson leased 883 square feet at Office Court on Inverness, 88 Inverness Circle East, Suite I-101, Englewood, CO.

Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord, Creekside Two On Inverness, LLC, in the above-referenced lease transaction. The Office Court on Inverness has office space available starting as small as 682 square feet up to 5,300 square feet for lease or purchase with rental rates starting at $14.50 per square foot and sales pricing starting at $165.00 per square foot. Contact Carole or Steve for more information.

Eileen’s Colossal Cookies Opening in Highlands Ranch

Published November 30, 2011 16:02

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO – (November 30, 2011) Eileen’s Colossal Cookies, a specialty bakery offering decorated cookies, officially opens for business on December 1, just in time for the holiday season. Eileen’s owner/operator, Suzon Whitefoot, leased 2,100 square feet of retail space in the Wildcat Shopping Center at 2201 Wildcat Reserve Parkway, just west of the King Soopers in Highlands Ranch.

Eileen’s concept began in 1982 in Hastings, Nebraska and expanded into four additional states: Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and South Dakota. The Highlands Ranch center will be the first store to open in the Denver metropolitan area. Blake Skinner and Caroline Crowther with Legend Retail Group represented the Landlord, Wildcat Shopping Center, LLC, and Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented Eileen’s Colossal Cookies’ Franchisee, Suzan Whitefoot.

BRC Real Estate represents Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc. in office relocation

Published November 09, 2011 13:56

Mark and Lisa Holloway, owners of Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc., were represented by Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate in an office lease transaction.  Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc. will be relocating to the Geneos Building, located at 9055 E. Mineral Circle.  The Landlord, GWM Enterprises, LLC, was represented by Cheryl Stafford of Corporate Real Estate Advisors.

New 7-Eleven gas and convenience store in Centennial, CO

Published November 07, 2011 09:34

The corner of Mineral and Jordan in Centennial is going to be home to a new 7-Eleven/Shell gas and convenience store. The project is being developed by Armstrong Development Group and will be a welcomed convenience stop for travelers who use Jordan Road and Broncos Parkway for their commute. Michael Bright with BRC worked with Armstrong and 7-Eleven to bring the development to fruition. Construction has already started and the store is expected to open at the end of first quarter 2012.

BackCountry CrossFit opening 11/28/2011- Free classes until 1/1/2012!

Published November 04, 2011 10:56

BackCountry CrossFit will open in Highlands Ranch on November 28. FREE classes will be offered from 11/28 until January 1st, so anyone who is curious about CrossFit can try it throughout the remainder of the year at no cost. This one-of-a-kind training program that will change your life!

BackCountry CrossFit is a strength and conditioning facility that develops individuals of all levels of fitness through constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. The workouts are fun, fast and designed to provide maximum results under the watchful eye of certified coaches. BackCountry CrossFit is located at 9337 Commerce Center St Unit C-5 in Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 in a 3,000 square foot warehouse gym that is 100% CrossFit. These training methods produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; from children to elite athletes, and everything in between.

CrossFit efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Endurance, Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio. There isn't a strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a greater diversity of tools, modalities, and drills.

Due to the importance of low member to coach ratio, all classes will be capped at 20 participants. Click on the link below and sign up for the classes that you want to attend. The prescribed CrossFit schedule is 3 days of working out followed by 1 rest day for regulars, 2 days of working out followed by 1 rest day for beginners.
Before you sign up, you will need to create a log in for each family member to register them for a class.
To Schedule on-line
If you have any problems, send an email to

BRC commercial brokers represent Landlords in two lease transactions

Published October 27, 2011 16:14

Property – Office Court on Inverness located at 88 Inverness Circle East, Suite B-105, Englewood, CO 80112
Tenant – Hyperbaric Health Center, LLC
Landlord – Creekside Two on Inverness, LLC
Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison with BRC Real Estate represented Landlord
Heather Taylor with NavPoint Real Estate Group represented Tenant
728 sq ft space, 25 month term
Lease will commence December 1, 2011

Property – Meadows Professional Plaza located at 3750 Dacoro Lane, Suite 130, Castle Rock, CO 80109
Tenant – MWSH Castle Rock, LLC d/b/a Bonaventure of Castle Rock
Landlord – 3750 Delcoro, LLC
Carole Schumacher with BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord
1,013 sq ft, 1 year term
Lease commenced November 1, 2011

New CrossFit Facility to Open in Highlands Ranch

Published October 17, 2011 15:48

Arsenal Fitness, a Cross-Fit fitness facility offering group classes, personal training, fitness, Olympic weight and cardio training, leased 1,806 square feet of space in the HD Eye Care building in the Gateway Shopping Center at 8677 S. Quebec Street, Highlands Ranch, CO. Other businesses in the building include KeyBank, a cleaner and tailor, and HD Eye Care, operated by Dr. Lawrence Jacobs. Dr. Jacobs purchased the building approximately one year ago after Blockbuster closed its doors at that location and the building is now 100% leased.

David Goodenberger is the owner of Arsenal Fitness and has been working with clients in the Lone Tree area for the past 18 months. He is excited about this new location in Highlands Ranch and welcomes new customers to stop by and see their new facility at any time. They officially opened for business the first of October and are located at the signalized intersection just west of Kohl’s Department Store in the King Soopers anchored Gateway Shopping Center.

Max Jacobson of Legend Retail Group represented the Tenant, Arsenal Fitness, LLC, and Carole Schumacher of BRC Real Estate represented the Landlord, Austavia Properties, LLC.

Contact: Carole Schumacher, Executive Vice President
303-541-1575 or for any questions

**Rescheduled**BRC Night Bike Ride This Tues Oct. 11th!

Published October 04, 2011 21:03

Brc Night Ride

Come join Jason Reynolds and Pie Konchar for an epic mountain bike ride after hours. Bring a friend, and a light of course! Pizza and Drinks after the ride! Call or email us if you have any questions. We'll see you this Saturday!

BRC Fire Truck to be in 3 Homecoming Parades

Published September 22, 2011 10:00

Look for our Fire Truck in the ThunderRidge, Highlands Ranch and Chaparral High School Homecoming Parades over the next week! We hope to see you there!

Please Welcome Lise LeBlanc to BRC Real Estate

Published September 19, 2011 10:24

Lise Le Blanc Website

BRC Real Estate welcomes Lise LeBlanc as Broker Associate. Lise has been a real estate agent for five years. She earned her GRI (Graduate Real Estate Institute) Designation in 2010 at South Metro Denver Realtor Association. LeBlanc has moved locally, nationally and internationally, therefore, empathizes with her clients who relocate. She is a dedicated agent that uses the latest technologies, market research, and business strategies to meet her clients’ expectations.

Lise grew up in Norway, lived in Scotland, studied in France, traveled all over Europe and Australia and eventually made her way to the United States to attend college. She has been married for 20 years and loves raising her children in Colorado. She is a Master Gardener with Arapahoe Extension Office and can help homeowners with their landscape challenges, offer solutions for specific problems, and suggest landscape staging ideas for a better curb appeal when selling a home.

Premises Personal Warehouses - Parker Sold

Published August 26, 2011 12:00

Andrew D. Hecox purchased 1,150 square feet at the Premises Personal Warehouses located at 18596 Longs Way, Parker, CO.

Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate represented the Seller/Landlord, P2 Land Holding Company, LLC, in the above-referenced transaction. Personal Premises Warehouses in Parker offer flex/office/warehouse space starting as small as 1,080 square feet up to 6,000 square feet to lease or purchase with rental rates starting at $10.00 per square foot and sales pricing starting at $85.00 per square foot.

Stapleton Office Condos Sold!

Published August 09, 2011 11:58

Fuller Industries, LLC purchased 3,016 square feet at 2373 Central Park Boulevard, Suite 303, Denver, CO for $342,000.00. Dr. Brian Fuller purchased the property and is a physiatrist specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and pain management. Dr. Fuller will open his offices at Central Park Professional Condominiums upon completion of the interior improvements.

John Gustafson of Grubb & Ellis Company represented the Buyer in the transaction. The Seller was SFG VI Properties, LLC who was represented by Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate Corp.

SmartSpace purchased 2,333 square feet at Central Park Professional Condominiums located at 2373 Central Park Boulevard in Stapleton, Suites 100 and 101, Denver, CO. The transaction closed for $279,960.00 using SBA financing offered through Wells Fargo Bank.  SmartSpace was represented by Kimberly Waldera of Waldera Scott Real Estate Partners. The Seller was GRE Holdings who was represented by Carole Schumacher and Steve Garrison of BRC Real Estate Corp.

SmartSpace owners, Michelle Lazar and Travis Bischoff, will offer virtual offices, on-site offices and meeting spaces to businesses in the area. The executive suite type of concept offers a smart address, a smart answer, a smart office, or a smart office PLUS, depending on the amount of support that a professional might need. This is SmartSpace’s first office in Denver and additional information is available on their website at

3rd Annual BRC Real Estate Criterium changes course

Published July 09, 2011 20:13


Over 300 riders attended the 3rd annual BRC Real Estate Criterium in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  The race was different this year as the course start/finish line was moved to the east side of the course just after a very fast down hill turn.  The new finish line proved for more exciting finishes at much faster speeds.  A special thanks to Vector Properties and IRET Properties who allowed the use of their parking lot for rider registration.  Special thanks go out to all our sponsors, BluSky Restoration, Randy Johnson State Farm Agency, ASAP Asphalt, Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Company, Kind Bars, Twiss Dental and all the many volunteers that made the race possible.  All proceeds from the race go to the Livestrong Foundation to help fight cancer.

Cars 2 Movie Event Huge Success!

Published June 18, 2011 19:49

Demand exceeded supply at BRC's first movie premier of Cars 2.  The event was held at the HIghlands Ranch AMC 24.  Special thank you to  Highalnds Ranch 7-11, Jazz Car Wash of Littleton, Twiss Dental, and Land Title who made this event possible.  Stay tuned to for our next movie event!

BRC takes over management of The Atrium

Published May 01, 2011 19:19

BRC is proud to announce its newest addition to the Owners Association management portfolio, the Atrium. The Atrium is a two story commercial condo project located at 6970 S. Holly Circle in Centennial, Colorado. "We are excited to assist the ownership at the Atrium maintain their investment and keep the property looking great for many years to come. We appreciate the trust the Board has placed in us and hope this will be a relationship for many years to come" says Michael Bright. Vicki Peppers and Michael Bright will be servicing this account.